1m Championship 

1st Suzanne Posnett, The windmill Hero 

2nd Kevin Mackey, Imperial Darco Diamond 

3rd Emma Jackson, Master Fuerst  

4th Jenny Beattie, Luxhill Louie 

5th Teaghan E Burns, Rose of Lennon 

6th Deborah Newberry, The Cat 

7th Nicola Hall, MJI Scarlett Rose 

8th Kirsten Farr, Gadget 

9th Mark Calvert, Hariness 

10th Jason Patterson, ABK Kilderg 

11th Roisin Donnelly, Little Miss Star 

12th Mary Kate Mc Kinney, Watermark 

13th Kelly Taggart, DBS Cuchalainn 

14th Amy Gyles, Dunmore Princess 

15th Abbey Morton, TC Miss Vendi 

16th Karen Greer, Double Bay 

17th Edward Little, Maisto VD Guldennagel 

18th Kaitlyn King, Captain Order 

19th Laura Keery, Ferro Diamond 

20th Kenneth Graham, Lennamore Pure Diamond 

21st Louise Thompson, Pacini 

22nd Laura Crown, Miss Lady Lux 

23rd Johnathon Mc Donnell, Flogas Ice Man 

24th Sarah Bailie, Falling for you 

25th Suzanne Posnett, Carrickview Under Cover 

26th Kevin Mackey, Cushnahans Dancer 

27th Emma Jackson, Kylestone Cashell 

28th Janene Gamble, Lenamore Master Maguire 

29th Lisa Patterson, Royal Lucy Lux 

30th Nadia Scalon, Shooting Star