Duncan Harrows 1m Championship

Duncan Harrows 1m Championship
1 Louise Hollywood,
2 Conal Mc Loughlin Caterel VDL
3 Megan Mc Gettigan, Lenamore Legend Cruise
4 Fiona Thompson, Curolea
5 Lionel Johnston, Lady Chino
6 Sven Hadley Fine Feeling
7 Pauline Mc Keown, Touludo
8 Cairan Heron, Newtown Contendra
9 Donna Campbell, Cleo
10 Catherine Thornton, BKL Vandal
11 Grace MC Garry, Saxton Stone
12 Rachel […]

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4 yr olds Friday

Ferros Kandy, Emma Jackson
Luidam, Colin Holiday
Candy Man, Gabriel Tunney
Carra Lux Quality, Emma Jackson
Moneybroom Alegro Vivace, Alison Irwin
SGS Welcome Louise, Stephen Gibson
tallulah, Carian Scudamore
Capone, Richard Murray
Ian Moore Pinecroft Fleet
Trouville, Gerard Clarke Jnr
SGS miss cobra Stephen Gibson
Dignified Grrace, sarah agnew

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1m qual friday

1m Friday qual
Balloo Hollow, jade Harper
Kellswater Conpest Julie Mc Lernon
Kirkstown Pussy cat, Marie Claire Bell
Hiphvaro, Gareth Neathercote
In Luck William Bell
Ellens Diva, Louise Hollywood
Lissangle Mr Brave, Harvey Smith
Westmore, Tori Showkum
Canterel VDL, Conal Mc Loughlin
Ginelli, Patricia S Greer
Echos Design, Jade Scott
Ballynolin Icies, Rebecca Hooks
Tiffcrum Abbey, Rachel Mc Cauley
Saffron, Sarah Bailie
Cassino Royale, Alison Irwin […]

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1.10m qual Thursday

1.10m Qual Thursday
Mr Easy street, Mackenzie Healy
Cloghera Me, Sven Hadley
Bunninadden Beauty, laura Brown
Simply Fabulous, Caroline Leighton
Mervs Clover Rose, Angela Percy
Fine Feeling, Sven Hadley
Jockeyhall midas Touch, Gerard Clarke Jnr
Syster Yster, Sophie Dunn
Emilion, Aedi Mc Caughey
Mirdads Baaab Al Rayyyan, Angela Percy
Cicatriz Laura Brown
Aussolas Grace, Luke Campbell
Brockagh Loughehoe Lady, Stephen Smith […]

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4 year old

4 year old qual Thursday
Royal Vivendi, Michael Roche
Ardragh Rock Star, Gwen Scott
Lincourt Luidam, Angela Percy
Pacino Amiro Kenneth Graham
Blackrock Beauty, Edward Little
Ethan Alexander, Catherine Thornton
Enniscrone Condios, Tara Dunne
Carnlea Premier, Edward Little
Oskarwild, Edward Little
RNH New Moon, Gareth Nethercote
Sky Lander, Chelsea Robinson
Cashmans Diamond, Catherine Thornton
Premier Titanium, Luke Campbell […]

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Autumn Champs 1m Qual Thursday

1m Qualifiers Friday
Curolea Roni, Fiona Thompson
Lady Chino, Lionel Johnston
Fine Feeling, Sven Hadley
Verdell, Stephen Smith
Touludo, Pauline Mc Keown
Newtown Contendra, Caira Heron
Cleo, Donna Campbell
Dominatrix M2S, Stacey Watling
K Fabian, Conall Mc Louglin
BKL Vandal, Catherine Thornton
Crockaulin cruise R, Stacey Watling
Hilton Rory Lavery
Saxton Stone, Grace Mcgarry
Limmerick Sparkle, Christopher Adger
Little […]

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Pony Show Cancelled

There will be no Pony show this Saturday 3rd September, but the Horse and pony training show will go ahead on this dates starting at 10.30am classes 60cm to 1.30m

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Two Day Horse Show 6th and 7th August

Please take note that the new start time for the two day horse show will now be 9am sharp!  both days,  first class will be the 90cm entries for this will close 30min after the class has started.


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Portmore Summer Schedule

Portmore Equestrian Centre has a busy schedule for the next few weeks, this weekend there will be no Horse and pony summer league on Saturday 30th July, instead there will be the first Dressage Ireland competition to take place at Portmore . Then on Sunday it is the usual SJI Horse show starting at […]

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Summer Spectacular League Final

Please take note that the Summer league final will know take place on the 20th August there will be no Training show on the 30th July , 6th, and 13th August.


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