Arena Eventing league

Starts Sunday 7th Jan and will run till 11th Febuary
Classes 75cm, 85cm, 1m, 1.10m

£1000 prize fund in the final
Plus lots of prizes
Sponsored by Bluegrass

Must attend min 3 rounds to qualify for prizes in the final

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5yr old Qual thurs

5 year old Qual Thurs
Mulvin Lights out, Jonathan Smyth
Carra Lux Quality, Emma Jackson
Black rock Beauty, Edward Little
Shannondale Remus, Lucy Gibson
Hilton, Rory Lavery
Tehenga Beach, Yvonne whiteside
Miss Valent, Olivia Roulston
Keeford High Rise, Noel Mc Kee
Avalent, Olivia Roulston
SJ Engineer, […]

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1.20m Qual Thurs

1.20m Qual thurs
Corlioni, Lisa Priestly
Karmijn, Suzanne Posnett
Ardragh Stein, Gerard Clarke JNR
Dyolita, Shannon Mackenzie
Fabio m, Gerard Clarke
Castle lady Lux, Shannon Mackenzie
Silken Allure, Emma Jackson
Aussolas Grace, Luke Campbell
Sansibar, John Higins
CJO Max a Million, Edward Little
Jasper Bogibo Z, Kirsten Farr […]

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1.10m Qual Thurs

1.10m Qual Thurs
I Aint No Lady, Helen Pearson Murray
Silken Allure, Emma Jackson
Callie LVS Z, Alexandera Bailey
Fyfin Eko, Jonathan Smyth
Georgies Star, Sarah Burns
Zentus T, Lauren Mc Cade
Syster Yster, Sophie Dunn
HIghtrees Lady, Rebecca Hooks
Altaskin Buddy, Rachel Mc Kimmon
Gregory Courage, Barbara Cosgrove […]

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1m Qual Thursday

1m Qual Thursday
Ardragh Cordubh, Jennifer Leeper
ANJO Carrick Bel, John Mc Kinney
Clocha Liath ST Louis, Fergus Mc Girr
Beach Sunrise, Claire Greenan
Diarado Royale Suzanne Posnett
HIghvaro, Gareth Nethercote
Ever so clever Sarah Wilson
Je Taime Le Fantome, Lisa Smyth
Just Because D&M Ryan Mc […]

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4 year old qual Thursday

4year old Qualifier Thursday
LCC Bond, Kelly Taggart
LCC Gloria, Kelly Taggart
Premier Domino, Jonathan Smyth
I Guinevere, Stephen Mc Manus
Drumrankin Elijah, John HIggins
Ardragh Mountian Dew, Michael Cave
Georgia Mae, Tara Dunne
LCC Clonlara Harley, Kelly Taggart
Crystal Graf, Jonathan Smyth
Katy Connor, Rock Hill Girl
LCC Melman, Kelly taggart
Preimer Spirit, Luke Campbell
Hot Bobo, Rachel Mc Kimmon
Kylestone Cashel, Emma Jackson
Cornascribe Last Lady, Carol […]

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Autumn Horse Championships

Portmore Autumn Championships
1 Georges Island Road, Aghalee, BT67 0DW
26th – 29th October
Currency : €
Thursday 26th October
Start Time 9am Prize Entry
1 1. 90cm £75 £15
2 2. 1m £100 £15
(20 to qual for class 11 including 4yr old clear rounds to qual for class 13)
3 3. 1.10m (20 to qual for class 12) £100 £15
4 4. 1.20m £100 £15
(16 to qual […]

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Autumn Pony Championships Schedule

Portmore Pony Autumn Championships
1 Georges Island Road, Aghalee, BT67 0DW

7th & 8th October

Indoor Arena start 9am
1 128cm 50cm Ulster Region Autumn Novice Tour Inkind £15
2 128cm 60cm Ulster Region Autumn Novice Tour Inkind £15
3 128 70cm Ulster region Autumn Novice tour £75 £15
4 128 80cm Ulster region Autumn Tour £75 £15
5 128 85cm […]

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Autumn Horse and Pony League

Portmores new Horses and pony Training league Starts on Saturday 23rd September and will run to end of November. This exciting league will have lots of prizes in the final all you have to do to qualify is attend 4 weeks out of the 7 (excluding the final).

Crosspoles (40cm)
60cm […]

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August Spectacular Change of Schedule

All Classes for saturday and sunday will all take place in the outdoor Bluegrass Arena starting at 9.30am with 90cm each day.