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Knockout qualifiers Thursday

Emma Jackson Creevagh For sure

Shannon Mc Kenzie, Peyroux

Michael Cave, Quinten

Luke Campbell Derryinver Premier

Kirsten Farr, R Candy

Gerard Clarke, Hollystown Miss Lupin

Samantha Fegan, Niker

Noel Mc Kee, Keeford high rise

Barbara Cosgrove, Kellswater Crimson

Suzanne Posnett, Carrickview

Kenneth Graham Dr NO Equinex Z

Zoe Woods Without permission

Gareth Suanderson, Linnaeus Van

Emily Turkington, […]

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1.30m Qualifier Thursday

Michael Cave, Quinten

Dermott Lennon, L’esprit hero z

Suzanne Posnett, Foesuela

Melaine Davidson, Linze Z

Rachel Brown Dstud peter

Shannon Robinon, Chardonny

Zoe woods Without permission

Emily Turkington Legend

Micheal Cave, Ardragh Mountain Dew

Kenneth Graham, Beir Bua

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1m Qual Thursday

Luke Campbell, Meidelant

Emma Jackson, Creevagh Connection

Laura Ervine White Hawk Shakara

Sarah Baile Falling for you

Amanda Mc Cracken, Fidoons Rustic

Rachel Hall, LKC Miss Clover

Joanne Gibson, Villanelle

Kenneth Graham, Arturo Beach

Samantha Gouldthrope, Coolda Castaway

Sarah Agnew llly De Candy


Springburn Shutterfly, Keith

Hanslough Diamond, Emma Jackson

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1.10m Qualifier Thursday 2nd

Emma Jackson, Silken Allure

Seaview Lass, Joanne Gibson

Suzanne Posnett, Maxium Van Overis Z

Lisa Patterson, Royal Lucy Lui

Julie Henderson, Touch of Time

Jason Patterson, ABF Kilberg

Johnathan Creswell, Enrosewood Show

Kenneth Graham, Cote D Azure

Kenneth Graham, Tullabeg Jackson

Melanie Davidson Obessa


Elaine Quinn Watch your step

Ellen Hughes Gerrit VDL

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1.20m Qual for Championship thursday

Emma Jackson, Creeagh For sure

Michael Cave, Quinten

Emma Jackson, Amy B

Luke Campbell, Derryinver Premier

R Candy, Kirsten Farr

Canyon Du Fort Vert, Dermott Lennon

Gerard Clarke Hollystwon Miss Lupin

Niker Samantha Fegan

Champion U Samantha Fegan

Red Carter Rebecca Mc Goldrick


Emma Jackson, Drumnaconnell Beach

Noel Mc Kee Keeford High Rise

Barbara Cosgrove, Kellswater Crimson

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SJI Horse Show Sunday Schedules

The Below Schedule is for the following SJI Horses Sunday dates: 24/03/2019 31/03/2019 07/04/2019 14/04/2019 21/04/2019 12/05/2019 19/05/2019 26/05/2019 02/06/2019 09/06/2019 30/06/2019

Start Time 10am Prize Entry 1 80cm £75 £15 2 90cm £75 £15 3 1m £75 £15 4 1.10m £75 £15 5 1.20m £75 £15 6 1.30m £75 £15 Course Designer/s : Suarez, Rafael (Sen Nat) Email : : Officer : C SuarezEnquiries / Contact […]

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30th March Pony Spring tour Schedule

Arena 1 Bluegrass Indoor Arena start 8.30am Prize Entry 1 128 90cm (warm up) 125 20euro 2 128 1m Spring Tour 200 25euro 3 138 1m (warm up) 150 euro 20euro 4 138 1.10m Spring Tour 200 euro 25euro Arena 2 Bluegrass Arena Outdoor Start 8.30am […]

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16th March RUAS Balmoral Qualifier Shedule

Portmore RUAS Horse QualifierGenerate NotesCurrency : €Arena 1: Start 9am Prize Entry 1 Amateur In Kind £20 2 5 year olds £150 £20 3 6 & 7 year olds £150 £20 4 1.35m £150 £20 Arena 2: Start 9am 5 90cms 75 15 6 1m 75 15 7 1.10m 75 15 8 1.20m 75 15 9 1.30m 75 15 Course Designer/s : Buchanan, Ray (Sen Nat), Suarez, Rafael (Sen Nat) Email : : Officer […]

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    Portmore Spring Tour Horse Show 8th to 10th March Show Schedule

Portmore Spring Tour Horse Show 8th to 10th March Show Schedule

Friday 8th March
Class Prize Entry
80cm £75 £15
90cm £100 £15
1m […]

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Gerald Clarke 6/7 Year old Championship Startlist

Gerald Clarke 6 Year Olds

Ryan O’Neill, Shannondale Remus
Ana Desmond, Ente Van De Helles
Stephen Brown, Sumas Music Man
Olivia Mc Cormack, Haifa OL
Jamie Crawford, Crystal Ben Magne
Nathan Primrose, Killyglass Jubilee
Robert Harrison, Mastown Lils Angel
Dermott Lennon, Cinmar Agalux
Stephen Gibson, SGS Welcome Louis
Gerald Clarke, Honfleur
Jonathan Smyth, Mulvin […]

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