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1.10m Championship

Horse First 1.10m Championship 

1 Hannah Patterson, CS Ultimate  

2 Madeline Roberts Allen, MP Laser Light  

3 Johnathan Mc Donnell, Emme 

4 Roisin Donnely, Seaford Rebel  

5 Sarah Burns, Georgies Star  

6 Declan Mc Evoy, Limacino 

7 Matt Garrigan, Contino56 

8 Mackenzie Healy, Mr Easy street 

9 Catherine Chambers, Seapatrick Beach  

10 Lisa Rosbothom, Cliff 

11 Kenneth Graham, Lennamore Invictus 

12 Charlotte Eakin, Moygannon It takes two 

13 Claire Greenan, Omard Sunny LB 

14 Luke Campbell, Little miss Lulu 

15 Kevin Mackey, Imperial Darco […]

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1.10m Qual Saturday 28th

Sarah Burns Georgies Star

Paris Delux, Daryl Sommerville

Mr Easy street, Mac Kenzie Healy

Little miss LuLu Luke Campbell

Rose of lennon, Niamh Mallon Mc Fall

Lady Killer, Niccola Hall

Foyfin Echo Ones, jaymie Crawford

Peter Smyth, Cossino Royale

Moygannon it takes Two, Charlotte Eakin

Contino 56, Matt Garrigan


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1m Qualifiers Friday 27th

Watermark Mary Kate Mc Kinney

Double bay, Karen Greer

Falling for you, Sarah Bailie

Ballyrobin Braveheart, Katie Conor

The Cat, Deborah Newberry

Pacini, Louise Thompson

Gadget, Kirsten Farr

Maisto VD Guldennagel, Edward Little

DBS Cuchulainn, Kelly Taggart

Flogas Ice man, Johnathan Mc Donnell


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1.30m Friday Qualifiers 27th

Moonlite Cavalier, Conor Mc Eneaney

Moyleview dancer, Barry Mc Cormack

Lenamore Lucy lou, Kenneth Graham

CMS Gunfire Conor Mceneaney

LCC empty pockets, Kelly Taggart

Voh Star, Hannah Patterson

Chardonnay, Shannon Robinson

Gerderieka, Olivia Roulston

Ardtana Flash Forward  Charlene Clinghan

Kilrodan Landcruiser Rachel Mc Kimmon

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1.20m Qualifiers Friday 27th

Garronturton beach, Olivia Roulston

Chardonnay, Shannon Robinson

Enke van de helle z Ana Desmond

MP Star lite, Madeline Roberts Alllen

Rween Supreme, Victoria Burns

Lisbane Aladdin, Kelly Taggart

Lismeen Luidam Kenneth Graham

Tiboy Des Etisses, Angela Percy

Billy Pringle, Greg Broderick

Kilrodan landcruiser, Rachel Mc kimmon

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1.10m Qualifiers Friday 27th

Hanley News, Karen Pearson

Altaskin Buddy, Rachel Mc Kimmon

Emme Johnathan Mc Donnell

Coppindell Concorde, Joe Harris

Admiran Cassio, Gwen Scott

Castle Lux, Caroline Gibson

Cs Ultimatum, Hannah Patteron

Lenamore Invictus, Kenneth Graham

Enke Van de helle z Ana Desmond

Omard Sunny LB, Claire Greenan

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1m Qualifiers thursday 26th

Imperial Darco Diamond, Kevin Mackey

Lenamore Pure Magic, Kenneth Graham

Master Fuerst, Emma Jackson

Kylestone Cashel Emma Jacskon

Cushnahans Dancer, Kevin Mackey

Rose of lennon, Teaghan E Burns

Miss lady Lux, Laura Crown

Hariness, Mark Calvert

Little Miss Star, Roisin donnely

Suzanne Posnett, Carrickview Under Cover

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1.30m Qualifiers thursday 26th

R Candy, Kirsten Farr

Jasper Bogibo z, Kirsten Farr

Queen of clubs Suzanne Posnett

Amy B Emma Jackson

Corlioni Lisa Priestley

Foesula Suzanne Posnett

Creevagh for sure, Emma Jackson

LCC Katenko, Kelly Taggart

Democrat Kenneth Graham

Ecclesville  Yvonne Whiteside


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1.20m Qualifers Thursday 26th

Amy B Emma Jackson

Creevagh for sure, Emma Jackson

Karmijn Suzanne Posnett

Rocket ball, Kenneth Graham

Corlioni Lisa Priestley

Ballinamurra Eargon Kenneth Graham

Kilronan Chin, Zoe Woods

Diamond Cascade, Eric Smith

Lenamore Lucy lou, Kenneth Graham

Cliff Lisa Rosbothom




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1.10m Qualifers Thursday 26th

Catherine Chambers Seapatrick Beach Ball

Seaford Rebel Roisin Donelly

Tullyherrin Princess Ria, Roisin Donelly

Novelle Olivia Roulston

Imperial Darco Diamond , Kevin Mackey

Cliff, Lisa Rosbothom

Cas Wientjes  Jillie Houston

MP Laser Light, Madeline Roberts Allen

Cas Wientjes Jillie Houston

GTA Leonardo Gareth Saunderson


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